Red Barn

Red Barn  This old Red Barn has been well maintained or restored.  It’s only a few miles from where I live and seemed like a good subject to try my first film photos in a long time.  The Petri Color 35, a 35mm film camera with a 44mm f2.8 lens, makes a very nice image.  This digital image was produced at the time the film was developed.  Actually, prints were optional from the processor, but I took them just to see if there were are differences between the prints and the JPGs.  These older cameras like the Petri Color 35 really make the photographer think about what he is about to do as he prepares to make a photograph.  It does have a light meter, but no rangefinder.  So, the photographer must use his best guess of the distance while making the depth of field large enough and the shutter speed fast enough to keep the subject sharp.  Since the images were delivered as JPGs, they did not need much post processing.  Besides, too much processing in post could destroy the “film” look to the image.

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