As an executive at McDonald’s as well as a management consultant and an interim executive at Counterpoint and Drummers Five, at least one principle has become self-evident:

“There’s a time to gather information, a time to analyze it, a time to make a decision, and a time to take action.”

My professional focus today is primarily aimed at providing leadership as an Interim Executive for Rescue of Mission Critical Initiatives as well as Organizational Turnarounds.

... World Class Executive


Photography has been a lifelong passion for me.  As a serious amateur, the driving force behind my photography continues to be “in search of” making the next strikingly beautiful image.

My photographic pursuits today are primarily focused at improving my storytelling in my daily images as well as improving the quality of my Wildlife, Landscape, and Aviation images.

And, I post an image every day on: Hank’s Blog.

... Serious Photographer


As an instrument rated pilot, my flying has taken me on many business and personal trips around the USA including Alaska.  Of course, I visit my share of fly-ins and air shows each year.  My flying also provides me the opportunity to capture aerial images.

“After life’s necessities, along with love and friendship, there are three things a person should never be without: a camera to shoot, an airplane to fly, and a Pug to keep you company.”

Check Six!

... Safe Pilot