Husky Dogsled Party | Dogsled HuskiesHusky Dogsled Party | a 7 Image Story  Each year in January or February, the Free Spirit Siberian Rescue organization hosts a Husky Dogsled event in northern Illinois, with Huskies galore.  Jake and Elwood have gone for the past several years.  They love to run and play in the snow.  They would rather be outside running, playing, working, or just taking a nap in the snow than anything else, except possibly eating.  Elwood has different colored eyes, a fairly common Husky trait.  Although grey and white colors are common in Huskies like Jake, they really come in many color combinations including pure white.

Although it was a beautiful day with intermittent sun and snow showers, the trail had not been groomed like they typically are for races, so the dogs had to break a new trail in the snow.  Rescued Huskies coming to the event can run as part of a dogsled team.   As natural sled pullers, Huskies instinctively know they should pull the sled with other Huskies in their new pack.  When the harnessed dogs are being attached to the sled, they are very excited; barking, jumping, and talking “Husky”.  As soon the musher calls “mush”, the dogs all become quiet and start pulling the sled.  As soon as the sled stops, they go back to barking and howling.

Several dogs in the team were newcomers to dog sledding.  That’s Jake and Elwood in the center of the pack.  This outing was their first time pulling a dogsled and they ran beautifully.  Of course, they were in the middle of the pack.  The lead dogs are the most experienced and the specially trained to be lead dogs.  What many folks don’t know is that the last two dogs are specially trained to be the “wheel dogs.”   Of course, wheel dogs are also the primary view for sled riders.

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