My Photog Bio

The driving force behind my photography continues to be “in search of” making strikingly beautiful images. Although the fine art side of photography remains interesting, my photog activities have broadened to include image-of-the-day snaps, nature images, and aviation events.Hank POR_5742 (2) 0005

Photography has been a lifelong passion for me.   My parents bought me my first camera, a Kodak 35mm Signet, when I was about 10 years old.  It still works great.  From the beginning, I shot 35mm slides until converting to digital in 2007.   My photography is mostly self-taught and represents my vision of the world I like.  Hopefully, at least a few others will also appreciate some of that vision .

Since converting to digital, I have taken my photography much more seriously.  My library now contains over 145K images of wildlife and landscapes with increasingly more aviation images.  Along with family photos, I expect to soon increase the number of restored images in the library due to my 22BG initiative.  My images have been published on book covers and are shown in a couple of galleries. Hopefully, more images will get published in the coming years.

Nick POR_3552 0002After life’s necessities, along with love and friendship, there are three things a person should never be without: a camera to shoot, an airplane to fly, and a Pug to keep you company.

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