Over the past several years my background and experience has enabled my consulting firm, CounterPoint, to successful complete many types of consulting engagements.

My professional focus has evolved into providing Interim Executive Leadership for Project Rescue of Mission Critical Initiatives as well as for Organizational Turnarounds.

Obviously, other consulting opportunities will be considered when they arise; whether identified through CounterPoint or Drummers Five.  Check out Hank’s Blog for a pleasant photo diversion.

My leadership style remains the same…


My Leadership Style

. Lead by example, build strong teams.

. Develop relationships internally and externally.

. Don’t ask anyone to do something you would not do.

. Be straight, honest, loyal, tough, supportive, and work hard.

. Stay informed about projects, people, processes, and procedures.

. Communicate, communicate, communicate…up, down, peer…soon & often.

. Be a role model. Stay focused. Drive change. Innovate. Reduce time wasters.

. Lead by consensus if possible, but make timely decisions when necessary.

. Choose the right people and develop them. Encourage training.

. Be supportive, but deal with performance issues.

. Develop partnerships with outside vendors.

. Always, look to increase value.