Koala @ San Diego Zoo

Koala @ San Diego Zoo

Koala @ San Diego Zoo  Koalas are just so cute.  They look cuddly and they are; just watch out for those nails.  Their handlers wear special leather gloves.  The term “koala bear” is a misnomer.  Koalas are actually marsupials that belong to the same family as possums and kangaroos. There are about 50 koalas in North America spread across 11 zoos with the San Diego Zoo having 25 alone.  Koalas are native to eastern Australian forests and feed solely on the region’s eucalyptus trees.

Bear @ Zoo

8/10/2013 Bear @ Zoo

Bear @ Zoo  Although I am not much for capturing images of animals in a zoo, it was part of a fun day.  This bear really put on a show for the kids.  As you can probably tell, this image was captured through thick plexiglass.  It’s not the best shoot, but fitting for a fun day at the zoo.

Snow Leopard

4/01/2013 Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard  We still have some snow left in northern Illinois.  Today’s walkabout through the woods yielded a bit more snow; a Snow Leopard.  And, if you believe that, I have some oceanfront property in Nebraska for sale.  Actually, this image comes from a January trip to New York City and Central Park Zoo.  Although it was great to see the beautiful Snow Leopard, it seems like a shame for it to be in a zoo.