Swans Again

6/12/2013 Swans Again

Swans Again  Just had to take my walkabout around the Swan’s pond.  What a difference a few days make.  Yesterday, I upgraded the Nikon firmware for the FT-1 Adapter on the Nikon 1 V1.  Thanks Thom Hogan for the reminder in Sans Mirror.  The new firmware supports continuous autofocus mode for AF-S lenses.  Wow, it really works; just like a mini DSLR.  Thank you, Nikon.  Although it was possible to shoot action photos with the old firmware which did not support continuous autofocus, it was more like using a manual focus lens.  Today, my keeper rate went way up; almost as high as my DSLRs.  Now, Nikon, how about giving us something that will allow us to use our Speedlights on a Nikon 1?

Mute Swans

6/09/2013 Mute Swan - Male

Mute Swans  What a great treat!  Today, on a new walkabout trail around a small pond, a Mute Swan family has taken up residence.  Like any family, father (above) protected his kids, the Cygnets (just below).  Actually, he was quite aggressive at defending his territory from people passing by on the trail.

5/09/2013 Mute Swan Cygnets

The Cygnets were carefree kids having fun around the pond and looking for snacks.

6/09/2013 Mute Swans

Mom kept close to the Cygnets even when dad was busy defending the family.

5/09/2013 Mute Swan - Female