Cooper’s Hawk

12/03/2013 Cooper's Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk  Sometimes you go to the image, sometimes the image comes to you, and sometimes the image just happens.  Such was the case with this Cooper’s Hawk image.  My walkabout had been uneventful, which is often the case during the late fall months before winter really comes to northern Illinois.  The trail winds around a small stream with many small hills up the banks.  As I came up a hill, just within sight over the top of the hill, sat the Cooper’s Hawk.  I quickly knelt down on one knee, out of the hawk’s sight.  The trail parallels the stream and the tree where the hawk was perched.  The hawk had to be accustomed  to people walking the trail.  So, I made ready the camera and proceeded slowly along the trail.  When the hawk noticed me, I stopped and backed away; shooting all the while.  Luckily, the light was nice.  And, as walkabouts go, this one was quite nice.