Eye of the Gator

1/15/2014 Eye of the Gator

Eye of the Gator  Well, Florida Outback week has turned into American Alligator week.  This eye just seemed to have such character coming from a 60+ year old alligator.  Some folks appear to think that the Nikon 70-300mm lens at 300mm can be a bit soft.  On the Nikon 1 V1, the 300mm turns into 810mm; helping me keep a safe distance and still capture the image.  It’s sharp enough for me.

Gator: Eye to Eye

1/14/2014 Gator: Eye to Eye

Gator: Eye to Eye  Meet the American Alligator up close and personal.  Oh, sure, I was close, but not too close.  The 70-300mm set at 70mm is still 189mm after the Nikon 1 V1 crop factor.  This guy is much younger than yesterday’s post.  As a FYI, American Alligators are black; some folks apparently think some are green.  Not so, they’re all black.  Anyway, I was very close to the ground to capture the image.  And, there were several gators in the area.  Remember, although they generally move about rather slowly, these guys can really move fast.  Keep a safe distance.