Wind Cave NP

Wind Cave NP

Wind Cave NP  Perhaps my favorite national park , Wind Cave, never disappoints.  This lone tree has been one of my most frequent subjects.  And, I have actually captured a couple of images of it I like, although it has been a challenge.  Can’t wait until my next visit.  Maybe, I’ll capture a better image.

Lone Tree at Wind Cave

Road Tree @ Wind Cave

Lone Tree at Wind Cave: a good image of this tree has eluded me for several years.  I have probably taken hundreds, maybe thousands of images of this tree.  However, this image is the first that I really like.

It all started on my first trip to Wind Cave NP in 2008.  Wind Cave is just a great park; secluded and quiet with a feeling of remoteness.  You can drive through the park on the one gravel road, stop the car, turn off the engine, and hear: nothing, for a moment, then the sounds of nature.  It is totally quiet of the sounds of man and screaming with the sounds of pure nature.

Then, I returned twice in 2009, once in 2010, and now once in 2011.  Each time capturing images of this lone road tree.  Sometimes the sky was not creative, sometimes I did not get the angle, etc.  I tried color, HDR , and now B&W.  When the composition is off; well, it’s off.  Perhaps, my eye for composition is getting better.  Perhaps, I just got lucky.  Anyway, this image seems better to me.