Just After O’dark Thirty

Just After O'dark Thirty

Just After O’dark Thirty  Why awake and be on location by o’dark thirty?  Photogs know all to well.  Moreover, photographers as well as bird watchers, nature lovers, and many others will gather, as they do every year in mid March, to see the Sandhill Cranes on the Platte River in Nebraska. The cranes lift off the river just after sunrise.  In this image, they are still roosting on the river just below the horizon.  They leave the river in flocks sometimes numbering in the thousands, even tens of thousands.

O’dark Thirty Plus

O'dark Thirty Plus

O’dark Thirty Plus  Yes, it’s just after o’dark thirty along the Platte River.  We wait for the Sandhill Cranes to rise en masse.  The sun will soon reveal tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes waiting for light to leave sandbars for the corn fields.  Yep, it’s one of those moments.  Hope to see one of those moments again.