On a Clear Day | a 7 Image Story

On a Clear Day | Grand Tetons FlatsOn a Clear Day | a 7 Image Story   Most people like a clear day.  Some days are obviously clearer than others.  These 7 images represent some of my clearest days, although not the absolute clearest.  (My clearest day was in Alaska while flying northwest out of Fairbanks.)   We also expect more from images on a clear day.  They are supposed to be good.  After all, it was a sunny, clear day.  These images also come from some of my favorite places: the Grand Tetons, the Badlands, Wind Cave, Yellowstone, Montana, and flying.

The Grand Tetons get many clear mornings.  Low lying fog along the Snake River still lingers for this mid morning image.  Fall color in Teton country provides many contrasts between the flats and the mountains.  The lone tree has been one of my most frequent subjects in one of my favorite national parks, Wind Cave.  The Montana countryside is clear and filled with contrasts.  With hay stacked sky-high, the Bridger Mountains stand many miles in the background.  Northbound along the southeastern shore of Lake Michigan, it’s a clear day, CAVU.  Reflect on the grandeur.  Rocks at the Badlands are truly inspiring with their stark contrasts and large rock formations.  The great plains are known for their thunderstorms.  Sure, this Storm over the Badlands was a very lucky click to capture the lightning.  Although Yellowstone is not necessarily known for its mountains, the mountains help put the rainbow in perspective.

Each image will be posted individually this week with a bit more narrative under category On a Clear Day. 

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Snow Makes the Image | Fence Gate

Snow Makes the Image | Fence Gate

Snow Makes the Image | Fence Gate  This homemade gate opens into fields of grass and wind blown snow.  It stands just east of the Bridger Mountains in Montana ranch country.  It looks like it was made or repaired recently.  It’s just a simple gate made with a post and some barbed wire.  Without the snow, the subject would just blend into the background.  To see the entire story with all seven images, go to Snow Makes the Image | a 7 Image Story.