Snow Makes the Image | a 7 Image Story

Snow Makes the Image | Curious DeerSnow Makes the Image | a 7 Image Story  Snow images range from being really boring to very dramatic.  In each of the images in this 7 Image Story, the snow makes the image.  Sometimes, it provides a nice background, which separates the obvious subject and makes stark contrasts.  Other times, falling snow provides a translucent curtain in front of the obvious subject.  And, some images would not be created at all, unless they were on snow.  In fact, in all these images, snow sets the mood of the image.  Snows powers the image and the viewer.

Everyone knows it’s snow; a beautiful change in scenery.  Snow is plain and simple, yet a magical winter wonderland at the same time.  Snow reminds us of earlier, happier, more carefree times in our lives.  It brings a fresh perspective; wiping our world clean and rejuvenating our soul.  You are never too old to play in the snow.

Capturing a good snow image might require a bit of knowledge and skill.  How do you get the metering right in a snow shot so you get the mood you want?   Most of the time, it’s fairly easy as along as something in the frame is not snow.  Just meter normally on a strong non-snow object and let the camera will do the rest.  The snow looks white and the other colors look right.  Unless you want that cold blue effect, the white balance may need some adjustment.  Sometimes, to capture falling snow, the shutter speed must be slowed enough to capture the flakes.  Still, the clicks are relatively simple.

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