Sgt. Phil Boucher, WWII Photographer


Sgt. Phil Boucher, WWII Photographer, an Army Air Force photographer for the 494th BG, captured some amazing images with his Speed Graphic 4×5 camera.  Although a few images pointed straight down in this portfolio were taken with a special camera mounted in the belly of the B-24, most were taken with a 4×5 Speed Graphic camera.  The Speed Graphic utilized two back to back photographic plates as its film.  Imagine Phil, he’s in one of the images, hanging out of a side window of a B-24 to photograph a F4U Corsair Fighter below.  And yes, he was there with his camera, at the first meeting between the Japanese and the United States to discuss surrender on a small island just off Okinawa.  Today, although in his 90’s, he’s still an active biker pedaling several hundred miles each year.  Of course, his camera has become much smaller.

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