Ski Plane Weekend | a 7 Image Story

Ski Plane Weekend | Piper Cub on SkisSki Plane Weekend | a 7 Image Story  Usually, the lakes are frozen and there’s plenty of snow for the annual Ski Plane Weekend.  Some of the finest pilots from around the country take leave from their heavy iron and bush flying to gather together on this weekend to fly ski planes just for the fun of it.  This year, it’s a bit different.  Northern Michigan had a big flaw, which melted most of the snow.  The best we could fly was a Super Cub on tundra tires.  Let’s look back to earlier years.

Although some pilots bring their planes with skis, mostly we fly the Piper J-3 Cub on skis and the Piper PA-18 Super Cub on skis.  Most pilots love to fly both planes.  The skis add a bit of spice to life in the winter.  Add a snow shower and we pilots have dreams of being a bush pilot.  And, they have sticks, not a yokes.  They bring us back to the basics; no moving maps or no retractable gear; in fact, the J-3 does not even a battery.  Yep, you have to hand prop it.  The Cub’s standard chrome yellow paint known as “Cub Yellow” identifies it as one of the best known aircraft of all time.

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Super Cub on Floats

Super Cub on Floats

Super Cub on Floats  What, a Super Cub on floats in December!  Well, some folks are already looking forward to next summer.  What is more like summer than a Super Cub taking off with one float still in the water.  Next summer will come.  In the mean time, this same Super Cub will have skis on this winter.  You don’t have to be a bush pilot to enjoy flying a Super Cub on skis.  Just make sure you wear warm cloths, gloves, and boots!