Blacksmithing at the Threshermen's Reunion

Blacksmithing at the Threshermen’s Reunion  Back to this year’s Threshermen’s Reunion.  The Blacksmithing trade continues today even though it is not as common as it was a century ago.  The blacksmiths at the reunion actually made various objects live each day.  “Black” refers to black fire scale, a layer of oxides that forms on the metal being heated.  Blacksmiths heat pieces of wrought iron or steel until the metal becomes soft enough to shape with hand tools.  The metal is heated in a forge fueled by coal, charcoal, coke, etc.  As iron heats, it first glows red, then orange, yellow, and finally white. The ideal heat, forging heat, is a bright yellow-orange color.  It’s an amazing experience to watch the blacksmiths work at the reunion.  They are very friendly, will answer questions, and explain what they are doing.

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