Lamar River

10/30/2013 Lamar River

The Lamar River flows through Lamar Valley northwest into the Yellowstone River.  Along with its natural beauty, it serves as a source of water for most of the wildlife in Lamar Valley.  This image faces northeast with the clear river water flowing toward the camera.  Although it’s only two hours before sunset, the light still seems to be pretty hard.

Juvenile Bald Eagle

10/29/2013 Juvenile Bald Eagle

Juvenile Bald Eagle  This image represents one of the great advantages of keeping your camera close.  On our way into town from the ranch, this young eagle was sitting on a telephone post.  As we passed the telephone post, he started to fly.  The Nikon 1 V1 was quickly retrieved from the floor of the truck as we approached the post and powered on.  Then, it was just a simple click.

Eye of a Bison

10/27/2013 Eye of a Bison

Eye of a Bison  Normally, I am not an eyeball shooter.  Actually, I captured this image almost by accident.  But, after looking at it in post, I really like it.  Yellowstone provides so many opportunities to capture interesting images.  Visiting Yellowstone for a few days on vacation just isn’t enough.

Bull Elk

10/25/2013 Bull Elk

Bull Elk  Our day in Yellowstone was getting short.  The late afternoon sun was hidden behind a mountain.  Lamar Valley can come alive with wildlife in late afternoon and we were almost there.  Coming around a bend in the road; my eagle-eyed sister-in-law noticed an Elk laying in the snow about 50 yards off the road.  Simple click.  Yes, I said snow.  Yellowstone has several inches of snow in the higher elevations.