PA-25 Pawnee Crop Duster

7/31/2013 Crop Dusters

PA-25 Pawnee Crop Duster  Yep, it’s that time of year again.  Crop dusters are flying again.  You can drive around northern and central Illinois almost any day of the week unless the weather is really bad and see crop dusters at work.  This Piper PA-25  Pawnee is spraying chemical on a corn field.  I’m positioned on a small hill just to the south of his flight path.

Alan / Super Cub

7/27/2013 Alan in a Super Cub

Alan / Super Cub: just had to return the favor!  This handsome fellow who is getting his seaplane rating also happens to be my brother.  He took my picture yesterday.  Here he is water taxiing up to the dock in a Piper Super Cub.  This weekend’s weather reminded me of southeast Alaska weather; low clouds, mist, rain;  bush pilot weather.

Hank / Super Cub

7/26/2013 Hank in a Super Cub

Hank / Super Cub  Yep!  It’s my camera, but my brother actually captured the image.  Seldom do I get in front of the lens.  Floatplane weekend provides an opportunity for me to fly with and get instruction from some of the finest pilots on the planet.  So, I just had to get into the cockpit and hand off the camera.  Hopefully, tomorrow, the weather breaks a bit and we can capture some air to air images.

Super Cub on Floats

7/25/2013 PA-18 Piper Super Cub on Floats

Super Cub on Floats  It’s the weekend before OshKosh and time for the annual floatplane weekend.   Some of the best pilots from around the country take leave from their heavy iron and gather together this weekend to fly floatplanes just for the fun of it.  This Piper PA-18 Super Cub on floats provides bush pilot fun and excellent float plane training.