Just the Light & the Lake

6/27/2013 The Light, The Lake

Just the Light & the Lake  Yes, I am still around the lake tonight. While I was capturing this image; actually several images, another photographer was standing about 20 feet from me and watching me.  Of course, I was using a tripod since this is a long exposure.  Finally, after several exposures as I began to move the tripod to another position,  he came over to me and asked: “what is your subject?”   His view was that the little hill along the lakeshore was no match as a subject to the beautiful lighthouse right next to us.  It made me think.  After a while, my answer was: “just the light.”

Sunset Sail

6/26/2013 Sunset Sail

Sunset Sail  OK, I was at the right place at the right time; no doubt.  And, it was a simple click.  Why the DC-Nikkor 135mm f2D?  Because that was the lens on the camera at the time; with not enough time to go back to the vehicle and change a lens.  Sometimes, the best camera is truly the one in your hands.  And, it’s a wicked sharp lens.