Backlit Cattail

3/25/2013 Backlit Cattail

Backlit Cattail  This afternoon’s walkabout was shorter than normal.  The late afternoon sun caught this cattail nicely.  The combination of the Nikon V1 and the 70-300mm lens is turning out to be my walkabout carry camera of choice.  It’s hard to beat the convenience of light weight and good image quality.  And, if you want to carry an extra lens or two, they’re small and light weight.

Busy Squirrel

3/24/2013 Busy Squirrel

Busy Squirrel  The squirrels are busy in the woods too.  Today’s walkabout took me through Bliss Woods.  It does not feel like Spring yet and the critters must feel the same.  Some birds are singing, of course, but only a few squirrels are really active.  The Blue Herons are not back yet.  They’re usually here by now.  Also, the American White Pelicans have not stopped yet.  They usually stop on several nearby lakes for about 10 days on their way north at the end of March.