2/28/2013 Possum

Possum  OK, it’s not a very good image.  But, how often do you see a possum walking down the middle of the road.  My buddy and I were out in the farm land trying to capture some images of old barns.  We came over a small hill and there he was walking down the road; like he owned it.  The image was taken through the windshield.  I stopped in the middle of the road.  He was right in front of the vehicle.  He then continued along under the vehicle and finally went into the ditch.

Beautiful Walkabout

2/27/2013 Beautiful Walkabout

My beautiful walkabout this afternoon took me by Blackberry Creek.  Blackberry Creek winds though the towns and countryside near my home.  My walkabouts sometimes encounter the creek at different places.  On this day, snow had fallen overnight and the weather was below IFR minimums, that is, 200 foot ceiling and 1/2 mile visibility, in blowing snow.  What most would call a grey day.  It’s not often, I capture a B&W nature image that I like in Illinois.  Black & white just seemed like a better way to show my mind’s eye.  And, I did not even get my feet wet!

Thrashing Machine

2/23/2013 Thrashing Machine

This old Trashing Machine is being used as a lane entrance ornament.  I almost missed it as I was driving down a country road late in the afternoon hoping for a break in the clouds before sunset.  It was snowing fairly heavy at the time and I passed it.  After driving back and capturing a few images, the local sheriff stopped me.  He saw me driving up and down the road and wanted to know what I was doing.  I have heard other photogs tell similar stories, but this was the first time for me.  It made for a colorful discussion at the dinner table.