Look Closely!

1/31/2013 Look Closely!

Look Closely!  We have had so little snow this year.  You must make images while it lasts.  This 50mm f1.4 lens can make some interesting images.  It really allows you to get in close for a reasonable price.

Taxiing in Snow

1/30/2013 Taxiing in Snow

Taxiing in Snow  After the snow yesterday and today, we are greeted with a snowy ramp and taxiways.  Winter can help a good pilot get better by providing challenges from the walk around to the shutdown.  The ramp, taxiway, and runway can be slippery.  The wind tends to be stronger in winter and the skies less sunny. And, of course, a late afternoon arrival is made in the dark.

Prohibited 2 Track

1/28/2013 Prohibited 2 Track

Prohibited 2 Track:  Back in Illinois along the Illinois river, I hoped to find a big bird on the river ice.  Last year several Great Blue Herons stayed the winter; unfortunately, not this year.  So, I just turned the camera 180 degrees into the hills.  OK, it’s Illinois; they are small hills.  This road had a closed gate and a sign prohibiting travel.  Why the P7000 and not the heavy iron?  Well, this stop was a bit of a detour off my route for the day’s travel and I did not have much time to spend at the river.  So, I did not think I would be able to take the time to stop and did not bring my gear.  The best camera is the one you have in your hands.

Lonely Tree

1/27/2013 Lonely Tree

Lonely Tree  Although, it was a grey snowy day on a lake southeast of TC, my walkabout was quite challenging.  The snow must have been a couple of feet deep in many places.   Next year, show shoes will be in order.  Did I mention the cold?  The P7000 stayed nice and warm inside my coat; didn’t seem to mind the weather.

One Lonely Fire Plug

1/25/2013 One Lonely Fire Plug

One Lonely Fire Plug:  Had to go to Michigan to find snow.  My walkabout tonight was around a lake with a few lonely fire plugs.  The light was from a street light.  Even though it is obviously quite dark, with good technique, I was able to hand hold the P7000 handheld and meter off the plug.